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Tsev seev PajHuam

Hmong beauty nature

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hnub 18/09/2010 los mus

    "Paj Huam Yaj Ceeb"



    "Paj Huam Yaj Ceeb"

    Post  TSN on 4th May 2010, 3:14 am

    "Hero Of Hmong Tshav Ntuj"

    I have been searching for a hero
    Starting from north pole to the south
    My number begins with a plain zero
    So far I've seen many rapping mouth

    None suitable for an idol!
    The world has over six billions human beings
    I'm lookin' forward to meet a rare stone marble
    As shiny as a crystal clear bird with wings

    Where can I find this great teacher?
    Time is running out and I'm a little tired
    This person could be a he or her!
    I'm racing against the sun before it expires

    Hello everyone out there!
    Could somebody give me a head start!?
    The road I'm taken is going nowhere
    Changing direction will ruin my beautiful art

    My savior lord from heaven of above
    There is no other place that I have not look
    You're the world greatest soul of love
    Please help me complete these 1000 pages of poem book

    "Written by Tub Soj Ntsuam"


    "Paj Huam Yaj Ceeb"

    Post  TSN on 4th May 2010, 3:33 am

    "A Place Of Our Own"

    Let's combine all of our money
    To purchase a home for everybody
    I dream of a place call country
    We all can live together in harmony

    I wish I could lead my Hmong to a new land
    A world no one has ever laid their hands
    We have been struggle like a marching band!
    Going back and forth in circle in the quick sand

    Does anyone see of what I'm trying to say?
    There is a solution to each problem of the day
    Can we all come together as one big crowd of play
    To discuss our situations of the past ever since 1975 of May!?

    I can not live a life of an uncertain future anymore
    Who else has the same feelings as I am never before?
    All my Hmong people we should find a healing cure
    And great happiness for everyone to share that's for sure!

    "Written by Tub Soj Ntsuam"

    Messages : 3530
    Date d'inscription : 2010-02-28

    Re: "Paj Huam Yaj Ceeb"

    Post  koojziagkabzaug on 4th May 2010, 7:08 am

    Nyob zoo TSN,

    Wow...! Yuav txawj hais Paj Huam Yaj ceeb ua luaj li, ua li xav hnov ib zaj paj huam nruab yeeb puas tau?

    Yog koj paub hais paj huam, koj tuaj sau tseg rau kwv tij Hmoob tuaj xyuas
    Yog koj paub hais lus cuam txwv, hais tuaj rau Peb Hmoob thum kev khwv

    Hnub no koj hais ib zaj zoo, lwm hnub yog koj yuav nto moo
    Hnub no koj hais ib zaj phim, lwm hnub yuav yog koj tau txiaj ntsim

    Hnub no kub ua koj tsaug, lwm hnub kuv yuav rov vam koj ntau
    Hnub no kuv nco koj txiaj ntsig, lwm hnub kuv yuav vam koj ntxiv.

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    Re: "Paj Huam Yaj Ceeb"

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